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    Social Purpose

    Through our public interest work, we seek to address basic human needs - food, shelter, health, education and empowerment. We have pledged to commit 1% of our billable resources to support pro bono initiatives. This also includes research on urban settlements and impact of rapid urbanism on people.

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    We look at Urban Design as a tool to analyse the effective use and success of a community.Successful neighbourhoods and business districts are made up of distinct destinations that give a sense of ownership and synergy to the people of a community. Plazas, commercial corridors, parks, etc. can all become downtown anchors, drawing in people and businesses and transforming the districts around them.

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    Our architecture is rooted to the user and context. All of our projects are driven by committed professionals who understand the interplay of creative design with technical skill and the influence of physical spaces on the way people live and interact.